Advert Placement

We offer different Ads categories

Agrotech Africa offers all types of advertising solutions for all Industries . Based on signed contract, we will provide-

  • ¬ Direct Newsletter Announcements;
  • ¬ Direct Social Media Postings;
  • ¬ Sponsored Post; and

¬ Banner Display for specified duration.

We help you reach the right audience with your products.

Choose any of our promotional package and enhance your visibility-

  1. Gold Pack (Complete Pack): We advertise your product all across our 3 websites using Banner, Advertorial, Social Media Buzz, and Newsletter.
  2. Silver Pack: we advertise your products using banner and newsletter only.
  3. Bronze Pack: We advertise your products using banner, sponsored posts, or social media engagement using any of these.


We assure you maximum result and increased visibilty.


All advertsing request should be sent to

The diverse range of available advertising formats are:

  • Small Rectangle — 290×100 (in right column of the homepage)
  • Medium Rectangle — 300×250 (in right column of the news page)
  • Leaderboard — 728×90 (on the top of the Homepage)
  • Sidebar ads (Top)
  • Sidebar Ads (All Site Wide)
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Page Branding (Site take over)

Interested in placing Ads on our Websites

Email Us at:

Call: +2348111442950.